Our expertise is helping brands become smarter about who they are in the marketplace. This can manifest in different ways:

  • Honing in your founder/market fit: the secret ingredient for a stand-out brand
  • Brand positioning and how to communicate it with your customers in the right way
  • Line editing: focusing your line on the story you want to tell (that will maximize sales) and dropping what's holding you back
  • Strategizing on how to approach the RIGHT sales channels (partnerships, wholesale relationships, etc)
  • Pricing strategy: how to look at your costs and margins and price your products accurately.

Having grown our own business and working with over 150 brands on their growth, we can quickly and accurately point to how you can stand out and move your business forward.

Sessions are one-hour long, $200, and a way for you to get some quick, but meaningful advice and direction. Depending on what topic you want to focus on, we will review materials ahead of time and send a recap afterward of action items for you.

EMAIL US to ask any questions and set up your session.