Founded by two co-workers who are forever obsessed with supporting up-and-coming entrepreneurs, we started For Now because we believe the next great brands deserve to be discovered.

Through our retail incubator with rotating brands, we provide a physical and digital platform for brands to grow. It’s a sales and media channel all-in-one that can provide revenue, learnings, exposure and community all without you needing to invest a lot of time, resources and capital.


After working with 250+ brands over the last 4 years, we know how to put brands on the map, and grow effectively. When you partner with For Now, you will get:
  • Increased Revenue
    • Sales from the For Now in-store and online channels
    • Increase in visitors and sales on your own website; the halo effect
  • Insights: Learnings/anecdotes about what customers are saying about your product
  • Accelerated Exposure: A gain in followers and community on Instagram
  • Community Growth: Interest from other brand founders and influencers
  • Wholesale Growth: Outreach from other retail concepts and wholesalers to carry your product


If you're interested in being part of our community, please fill out the application below. We're excited to learn more about your brand!
Please note, due to the high volume of applications that we receive, if we find that working together would be a great fit, we will respond to your inquiry within two weeks. Otherwise, we will keep you in mind for future partnerships!

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