Hey, hi!

If you hadn't heard, we closed our shopping channels on 9/29. You can read more about why HERE. So yes, we're no longer a destination for shopping, but we're still a resource for brands to grow.

We believe that the best brands have a story to share. A series of passions, needs, wants, and just-for-funs. As such, we work with entrepreneurs, start-ups and growing brands to problem-solve with impact through investment, marketing and operational expertise. You can read more about our investment arm at ForLater.com

If you want to work with us, or have a question about a previous order, please get in touch: info@itsfornow.com

Our Founders

Founded by two co-workers who are forever obsessed with supporting up-and-coming entrepreneurs, we started For Now because we believe the next great brands deserve to be discovered. The products we source are ones
that we genuinely shop — and invest in. Through our incubator program, we help emerging entrepreneurs with their business from marketing to funding. The brands we stand behind inspire us. And, we think they’ll inspire you too.

- Kaity Cimo + Katharine Requa