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We're (not-so) low-key obsessed with discovering brands + founders who have a story to tell - and then telling everyone we know about it. We've created For Now as a platform for this passion.

What you can expect at For Now:

  • Brands that are socially-responsible, thoughtful and simply put, really lovable.

  • Products that you can feel good about buying; know that your dollar counts.

  • A community of women supporting women.

  • An environment that encourages interactions over transactions

If this sounds like something you can get on board with, please visit, online or in person and take a look around. We hope you'll find what you weren’t looking for.

See you soon, 

Kaity, Katharine + team For Now



Kaity Cimo and Katharine ReQua met while working for Boston-born athletic and leisurewear retailer. While collaborating – Kaity on all things marketing and Katharine in operations – the duo realized their shared impatience with the current retail industry and its reliance on either high rents or screen time and scrolling.

Together, they set out to create something new – a gathering space where small businesses could sell their products without the risk or financial burden of opening their own store, and an opportunity for Bostonians to be let in-the-know about uncommon, up-and-coming merchandise.

Today, Kaity and Katharine curate the shop based on their own personal styles and expertise, and they wear many hats, serving as personal stylists, start-up consultants, store managers, and full-time disruptors who pride themselves in thinking outside the box.