Developed by Aspen local Candace Whipple, Jute was created from a personal love of the positive effects of CBD. Longing for a tincture that would address a specific need for mountain athletes and weekend warriors, Candace eventually developed the benchmark product of Jute, the Ski Bum Rub - Rub, play, repeat.

Jute’s all-natural CBD-infused products have your back (side) covered. And more. All products are made in Aspen and infused with locally-sourced CBD. We are lucky enough to use CBD cultivated from a family owned farm in the Roaring Fork Valley. Jute prides itself on being a small batch production, which ensures all the natural and therapeutic ingredients are incorporated with care. At Jute, we believe that quality matters, all the way from seed to shelf.

Jute’s products are effective at alleviating the stressors of everyday life. Work, travel, parenting, and partying can leave it’s mark and cause anyone to be more stressed out. Every CBD-infused product can be used in a proactive way to help you address every aspect of life head on.

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