In 2015 we embarked on a journey to blend our passion for shoes with our love for the world we live in. We believed that taking care of ourselves and our playground is taking a step towards true well being and feeling good.

Along the years we’ve learned that when feeling good wins without conforming to expectations or egos, you open up to wonderful new perspectives and experiences that make a day special. Our shoes may not be the elixir, but we have learned from our wearers that we are a reliable companion towards their well-being. Supporting stylish, very comfortable looks for any occasion and giving peace of mind that our shoes are hand-made with high quality materials that have the lowest impact on the planet.

So far our journey has been exciting, tough, fun and insightful. Truth is, we would have never made it to where we are now without the love and feedback from our wearers. Together we are Jibs, and together we are on the Jibs journey, supporting any person to get a step closer towards true well being. So if you like the sounds of no expectations, no rules, no egos, just being yourself and feeling good, join us on the exciting rollercoaster we dubbed the #JibsJourney

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