"Our vision was to put as much good back into the world with each product purchased as possible, add to the quality of the lives of those hand making these garments, limit waste, and impact. Our goal was to make sure every area of concern was checked off. This made our founder travel the world to find the manufacturers that had the same vision, ethics and core values. After landing in Nepal and seeing this beautiful country still struggling, Kimberly decided to find out how we can help. While In Kathmandu to source and find the greatest area of need, she asked each person the same question. "How can we help?" Every single person had the same response. "We just want to work and to be able to help ourselves." With the average annual income being less then mosts daily or weekly income, the need for jobs in Nepal is vital. When this was just a vision it seemed so out of reach to imagine if buying a specialty knit item could assist in supporting a company where the crafts are being taught, transportation is being provided to and from a job where healthcare, as well as education for ones child is provided. Oh and all measures to be eco conscious are being made with fabrics and dyes, even the left over yarns are being spun into beautiful knits."

- Greene Piece