Depuffing Dissolvable Eye Mask


The Days Off Depuffing Eye Mask revitalizes tired, puffy under-eyes with a potent yet gentle concentrate of hydrating Irish Moss and Glucomannan derived from the Konjac plant. A one-of-a-kind dissolvable eye mask, this restorative 15-minute treatment enriches skin with a moisturizing barrier for a firmer, more youthful appearance. 

Highlighted Ingredients:

  • Irish Moss — A mineral-rich algae that enriches skin with protective moisture
  • Glucomannan — Nourishes and helps defend skin from environmental stressors
  • Pumpkin Seed — Hydrates and balances oil in the skin with essential fatty acids 
  • Niacinamide — Soothes and moisturizes skin for a plump, youthful appearance
  • Turmeric — Helps minimize the appearance of dark spots for a more even skin tone
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