Endings + New Beginnings

Dear FN Community, 

We have some news to share with you. We’ve decided that after our Nantucket store closes for the season on September 4th (Labor Day) that this will be our LAST season on Nantucket and we’ll be CLOSING down our e-commerce site later in September.

When we started For Now in 2017 we didn’t plan on opening a store. In 2018 when we did open a store, we didn’t plan to be there for more than a year (and certainly not SIX!). We didn’t plan to open, and maintain a storefront on Nantucket for FIVE years. We also didn’t plan to have an ecomm site (thank you, Covid). We didn’t plan to start an investment co (although it was certainly a vision). We didn’t plan to create a Shopify app. We didn’t plan to host a Start-Up Challenge. Or a Female Founders Summit. And we certainly didn’t plan to meet so many incredible founders and customers.

We can’t tell if this makes us terrible planners, or seasoned entrepreneurs (jury is still out). However, the one thing we did plan for was to help brands grow. We set out to lend our expertise to founders and growing teams through our consultative services. While all the things we didn’t plan for were conspiring, this consultative work ebbed and flowed. In the past year it has really picked up, along with our investment work through For Later and it is something we want to pursue.

Like everything we didn’t plan for, we also didn’t plan for this. And frankly, we guess you never really plan for the “ending”. While this is the end of our relationship with commerce, by no means is it the end of our plan to help brands grow and presence in the entrepreneurial community.

We hate walking away from retail, mostly because of the special community it’s allowed us to build. Some people in this community have become lifelong friends. Others have left lasting impressions with the most simple yet powerful comments or interactions. THANK YOU to all of you.

The last six years have been an exhausting reward - we are so humbled to have shared this orbit with you. Stay tuned for more of an exact date for closing down itsfornow.com

- K + K 🫶🦩🫶