Winner: Stuck-at-Home Startup Challenge

Drumroll for Set it Down!

The challenge has come to an end! Congratulations to: all the contestants to pushing their dream, the 5 semi-finalists for nailing their Instagram live pitches and now to our winner for pulling ahead.

It was a lot of work, but do you know what the hardest part was? Picking a winner.

Set It Down is a movement that encourages people to put down their screens the same way they take off their shoes. Whenever they walk in the house, they will set it down out of respect for themselves and everyone around.

By offering a box for your home or office (in prototype phase), Set It Down will help give back the valuable time and experiences that adults have lost due to overuse and abuse of screens.

Set It Down will also give people access to tangible and virtual resources as well as tips and tricks to set down their screens.

Set It down

Set it Down is addressing a big problem that everyone can relate to: we spend way too much time on our phones. The business is creating not only a product, but a movement to help us with the problem.

We see a big opportunity here; a large market for people wanting to buy a box for themselves and also as gifts for family members and friends. And because the problem speaks to so many, we see a lot of PR potential here as well.

We see Set It Down growing a product line beyond just a box and into a lifestyle movement brand.

Lastly, the founder, Allie, is someone we believe in. She has a lot of passion and conviction for her business that we know will win customers over.

Shoutout to all our partners who were willing to contribute to the prize that Set It Down wins: Fair Folk, Wave Collective, Channel Instinct, Factory 45's The Crowdfunding Factory, Willow Planning Group and Brass. Thank you, thank you!

Visit their website to download the pdf with creative ideas on how to spend quality time without a screen and follow them on Instagram. We hope you follow along on the journey!



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