The For Now Guide to Nantucket

To celebrate being back on ACK for another summer, we created an Official* Guide to Nantucket!

We made this guide so that when you're done discovering the emerging brands at For Now, you can discover all of our favorite spots on this magical island. Special thanks to Eliza Ferrel, Founder of Joy Street Kids, who designed this guide for us. It's filled with our go-to's for everything from coffee and açaí bowls to ACK-tivities and accommodations. 

So here's to another great summer, filled with beach days, date nights, and LOTS of shopping.

*not in any way official. 

Food and drinks: In-Town

Our hunger/thirst circuit tends to orbit around these cobblestone streets.

  • But first, coffee. The Handlebar iced coffee is truly unparalleled - contrary to popular belief, iced coffee is easy to mess up.  
  • Fresh for an Acai bowl HEAPING with peanut butter. Best Acai bowl on the island.
  • Something Natural for 1/2 a tuna sandwich on rye. Pro tip: ½ is more than plenty for one person. And if you don’t order a chocolate chip cookie, you are definitely missing out. 
  • Ventuno has our whole heart - we could live off this burrata. And table bread. 
  • Born and Bread makes an unforgettable cornmeal cookie. Highly recommended grabbing if you need to bring a sweet treat to a friend’s for dessert! 
  • Our favorite salad is from The Beet. We usually do a “make your own” and add a turkey burger. And fries. So basically order a burger and side salad, ya. 
  • The “bbc” from Sandbar is a drinkable dessert: banana rum, coconut rum, and irish cream. Start with tacos and fries if you’re planning to have more than one ; ) 
  • Epernay for wine / wine delivery. Fun fact: our first apartment on Nantucket was a stone's throw from Epernay and we definitely took advantage of the proximity.
  • Sayle’s Seafood for shrimp cocktail (great addition to a sunset beach picnic), or if you’re itching for a clambake, you can get one to-go! 
  • Pizzeria Gemelle is too good not to mention. We’re embarrassed by the number of times we crushed entire pizzas by ourselves last summer. The mozzarella is fresh, in case you needed convincing.
  • Nautilus: order the blue crab fried rice and most unbelievable cocktails shaken and stirred by Clinton. Pro tip: make your res waaaaay in advance. 

For Now Guide to Nantucket

Food and drinks: Out-of-Town

10/10 would recommend bringing or renting a bike if you’re headed to Nantucket! If that’s not your speed and you’re willing to spend a little more, rent a moped or Jeep.

  • Bartlett’s Farm takes us to a good place with their build-your-own-breakfast sandwich. We also live for their granola. 
  • Life is good with  a post-Cisco Beach Grey Lady at Cisco Brewery with a side of fresh tuna from 167 Raw… they serve it with guac and seaweed salad. 
  • A trip to Millie’s is non negotiable. Their tacos (our fav is the Smith Point Shrimp Tacos) + margaritas really can’t be beat! Try to plan your dinner to catch sunset! 
  • Head out to Sconset and stop at Sconset Market (aka the cutest general store in the world) and then spend some time wandering the Bluff Walk. 


Not everything is about eating and drinking (or is it?) 

  • Studio ACK is our go-to for a Reformer-X a$$ kick and Meg’s outdoor Bootcamp at the Harborview is the perfect way to kickstart your weekend (or quickly make you regret the night before). 
  • Find your zen at the Cisco weekend yoga classes with 1111 Nantucket. BIG fan of those!
  • We’ve experienced some magical moments aboard Endeavor Sailing. Check out the morning and/or sunset sails.
  • Steps Beach is not only convenient from town but great for swimming / wading. The sandbar at low tide is fun for all ages. If you didn’t grab sandwiches from Something Natural on your way (or even if you did), make sure to hit up Sandbar for sips, snacks, and unparalleled beachside seating.
  • Looking for the best sunset? Definitely head to Madaket for arguably the best one on the island.
  • Make friends with someone who has a beach sticker and get yourself out to Eel Point for a beach day. 
  • Self-care? Lavender Farm Wellness has one of the best massages we’ve ever had. 


We obviously recommend shopping exclusively at For Now, but you may augment with trips to Dawn (literally the best jean selection), Faherty, Grace Geier, and The Vault. 


You’re already here, so you *hopefully* have a place to stay, but next time check out Life House or Faraway. Both are renovated, new boutique inns/hotels in town where every detail has been thought of. The Nantucket - a historic but newly restored hotel - also holds a special place in our hearts.


We hope to see you around town. And if we do, just say the secret word flamingo with a strong head nod and we’ll be forever connected. (It’s like the Jeep wave but more exclusive).

- Kaity, Katharine and team For Now

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