Shop Small 2020: The Why Behind Your Buy

“Beyond their size, small businesses are defined by their spirit. And at the helm are their intrepid founders—scrappy, ambitious, and resilient. They invent and build things despite uncertainty, because it’s what drives them. Their risks lead to innovation that moves the world forward. And we need them.”Dayna Winter, writer/editor at Shopify

Inherently, we know we should “shop small” whenever possible - right? While true, we don’t think the why behind your buy gets enough attention. So, we thought it might help to shed some light on why supporting small businesses is important to both the economic and social fabric of our local societies. 

To start, the impact of shopping small extends beyond times of crisis; it’s 24:7 / 365 kind of affair. When you shop local, your dollars stay in the community and help local advancements. It’s a little thing called the multiplier effect (jogging your Econ 101 field notes here) - where instead of robbing Peter to pay Paul, you’re paying Peter so that he can pay Paul. Or more simply put, small businesses are more likely to utilize other local businesses like banks /service providers /farms which helps the whole local economy prosper. 

For every $100 you spend at local businesses, approximately 68 of those dollars will stay in the community. Pretty cool, right? Furthermore, if every household were to spend an additional $10 per month at a local shop, an additional $9.3 billion would be directly returned to the local economy. Also pretty cool. (Source here) For the record, we’re not saying you should cancel your Amazon Prime membership (we aren’t), but next time you need, I don’t know, a roasting rack, it might be worth checking your local hardware or kitchen store. Almost sounds absurd, doesn’t it? Heck you might even find something you weren’t looking for!  

At For Now, we eat, sleep, breathe, and support small businesses / owners - we believe in giving them the resources they need to grow, and we believe in telling their story so you can learn to love them as much as we do. They all have a story to tell, and with each purchase you make - you’re helping them grow, while fueling the growth of our shared local economy. 

Call me (Katharine) nostalgic, but I miss the 80’s (for a slew of reasons). The days when shopping small was actually, well, just shopping. While many of the fads from that decade can rest peacefully in our time capsule, we wouldn’t be upset if “shopping” becomes cool again.

How we "shop" local for our business:

  • Fair Folk, branding
  • Boston Business Printing 
  • Emily Elizabeth Photography 
  • Kelly Luethje, Willow Planning Group, financial planning
  • Wave Collective, PR
  • Local Market, Kristen Banning, digital advertising
  • Carolyn Bothwell, copywriter
  • Bowditch Law Firm
  • Titan Insurance

How our brands are shopping local:

Joy Street Kids - Eliza Ferrel 

  1. Sailormade (Boston, MA)
  2. Todder Leather Goods (Newburyport, MA)
  3. Maragold Leather & Wool Goods (Boston, MA)

Underbares - Genevieve Gralton

  1. Shelter (Washington D.C.)
  2. Becky Waddell ( Washington D.C.)
  3. Little Leaf (Washington D.C.)

Porcelain + Stone - Kimberly Huestis 

  1. Stitch and Tickle (Boston, MA) 
  2. Follain Beacon Hill (Boston, MA)
  3. GrayMist Studio & Shop (Cambridge, MA)

Paul Landry Co. - Paul Landry

  1. Sailormade (Boston, MA)
  2. Sault New England (Boston, MA + Portsmouth, NH)
  3. Goods Ogunquit (Ogunquit, ME)

Chappywrap - Christina Livada and Beth LaSala

  1. Little (Portland, ME)
  2. Folly 101 (Portland, ME)
  3. Daytrip Society (Kennebunk, ME)

ACK Woven - Allison Levy

  1. Nalu (Nantucket, MA)
  2. Erin Hielle (Nantucket, MA)
  3. Milly & Grace (Nantucket, MA)

Brass - Katie Demo 

  1. Social Wines (South Boston + Cambridge, MA)
  2. Gus and Ruby Letterpress (Boston, MA)
  3. Forty Winks (Cambridge, MA)

Cotidie - Kristina Haag

  1. Light Years Wine (Houston, TX)
  2. Emerson Sloan (Houston, TX)
  3. Biscuit Home (Houston, TX)

Bee+Roo - Meg Severance

  1. Brook and Main (Cohasset, MA)
  2. Oyster General (Atlantic Highlands, NJ)
  3. Current (Red Bank, NJ)

Calin NYC - Allie Echelman 

  1. hOMe Beauty & Wellness (Chappaqua, NY)
  2. Bird Brooklyn (Brooklyn, NY)
  3. The Warm Store (Brooklyn, NY)

 Set & Drift Co. - Chris Schieffer

  1. Sault New England (Boston, MA + Portsmouth, NH)
  2. One Ocean Apparel (Rockport, MA)
  3. Signs By The Sea (Wall, NJ)

Sh*t That I Knit - Christina Pardy 

  1. Whitney + Winston (Boston, MA)
  2. Bella Funk (Littleton, NH)
  3. Lahouts Ski Shop (Lincoln + Littleton, NH)

 Ashley Provencher Art - Ashley Provencher

  1. Mayhew Wine Shop (Boston, MA)
  2. Elburne Shop (Cape Cod, MA)
  3. Greentail Table (Newton, MA)

Noted Candles - Ashley Seamans 

  1. Neatly Nested (Boston, MA)
  2. Covet (Boston, MA)
  3. American Provisions (Boston, MA)

Shannon Shipman Photography - Shannon

  1. Rouvalis Flowers + Gardens (Boston, MA)
  2. Neatly Nested (Boston, MA)
  3. Place & Gather (Charlestown, MA)

navyBLEU - Erin Hornyak

  1. Three Islands Clothing (Watch Hill, RI)
  2. Coco and Lala (Watch Hill, RI)
  3. Nest (Mystic, CT)


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