Partnership with Dudley Stephens

At For Now, we believe that retail is a critical catalyst for brand growth. I mean, we like ecomm, too but the real magic happens IRL. Our friends over at Dudley Stephens have loved meeting their customers offline, but like many brands, having a store of their own is beyond daunting (even when there isn’t a pandemic)! Stores are expensive - they absorb a lot human and financial capital. Which is why we created For Now - an economic and operational alternative to having their own doors, while still getting to know their customers, generating revenue and collecting feedback. Win, win. 

Our talks with Kaki and Lauren started back in January of 2018, we were both fresh off our respective launches and instantly shared a mutual confidence in the others vision. We welcome Dudley to the Seaport shortly there after, and well, suffice to say, the rest is history. 

Truly a match made in retail heaven. Both Dudley and For Now have grown a lot since then, while that growth isn’t mutually exclusive, we’re forever scheming up ways to grow together. Your vibe attracts your tribe? We think so. In 2019 we collaborated on our very own DS x FN exclusive Park Slope ... which sold out verrrrry quickly. We also helped Dudley evaluate a retail strategy of their own so they could have stores of their very own. Per above, stores absorb a lot of human and financial capital. So ....

It was at that apex that we collectively agreed to be Dudley’s official retail partner. Cool, but what does that mean? All of our stores, and any future stores we open, will have a designated Dudley section ALL. THE. TIME. While most of our brands will continue to rotate, Dudley will occupy a permanent space in our stores (yes, like a shop-in-shop). 

To kick things off, their collection will fill our Apex space on Nantucket alllll summer. Simultaneously, their foot print in the Seaport will continue to grow. Pretty cool, huh? 

There will be a very exciting launch party once we’re allowed to party 🤷‍♀️



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