How we Invest in our Brands

Hey, hi! Whether you’re new here or not, you may have (hopefully) picked up on the fact that we are very interested, and invested, in helping the brands we work with, grow. 

While we love owning a store(s) and getting to know customers and building a community, what our true passion - our company's North Star - is to help founders and emerging apparel and accessories brands, grow.

Retail, specifically Physical retail, happens to be a really good way to do this.

Today we are introducing two new brands that we’ve helped grow in two different ways: Jibs and Joy Street Kids.

Available on Nantucket and Online

Katharine first met Natalie, the fiery Jibs CEO, back in June of 2018 when she stopped by our Seaport shop. The two, in true Katharine form, became fast friends. By 2019, Jibs was in our Seaport and Nantucket stores. We knew we (and you) would really like the product, but we didn’t anticipate growing as fond of Natalie as we did. As the relationship grew, not only from a “we know this product inside and out” type of way but also from a “we really respect and enjoy this founder’s passion and skill” sort of way, we came to find out that Jibs needed some funding for their next production run.

At that point, we told Natalie about the recently formed investing arm of For Now, called For Later. We will write a whole other long post about that, Later. But the cliff’s notes are: we formed For Later with two outside, very smart, experienced and always impeccably dressed partners and our first investment was in Shit that I Knit. (again, more on this to come, we promise!)

We introduced Natalie to our partners, Bill and Bryan, because we had seen first-hand the potential of Jibs. We had seen customers interact with the product, give feedback on the product, buy the product, etc - and maybe most importantly could vouch for the brains behind it all, Natalie.

After a lot of conversations, analysis, a late night out in NYC, more spreadsheets and testing the new-improved version of Jibs (out now!), For Later decided to invest. 

We know this is just the start of our journey with Jibs and we’re excited to walk in their shoes (hehehe). We invite you to try them out and let us know what you think!


Available in the Seaport, Nantucket and Online.

Our relationship with Joy Street Kids began in our Stuck-at-Home Startup Challenge! We created the Challenge during the pandemic as a way to inspire women who had been thinking about (or already just started) their own business.

This challenge holds a special place in our hearts. It allowed us to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and provide guidance for their business during such an isolating time. Our weekly Zoom calls with contestants provided insight and connection to everyone involved. Eliza, the founder of Joy Street Kids, was one of these entrepreneurs.

Eliza went on to become one of our semi-finalists and got to pitch her business on our IG Live pitch night. While she didn’t win the challenge, her application, designs and pitch all added up to us knowing that we really wanted to work with her regardless.

So after the challenge ended, we kept in touch to talk with her about production and retail. Fast forward to NOW, Joy Street Kids is also available in both our Seaport and Nantucket locations. As a new-new brand, we’re JAZZED to see what (physical) retail is going to do for her growth. 

Feedback for all brands, especially these brands is critical. Their ability to “fail quickly,” pivot, and proceed - implement, iterate, rinse & repeat - can often dictate success or failure.

We choose to fill our stores with emerging brands, and the founders behind them, because that’s who inspires us, and franky, where we can add the most value. From day one we have believed that the power of physical retail transcends well beyond the revenue that is generated by four-walls (though that definitely helps) - the real magic happens when we can bridge the gap between a high potential brand and a vehicle for growth (For Now, For Later, etc). 

Retail isn’t dead, it just needed to pivot and we’re excited to be here for it (even through a pandemic).



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