COVID-19: Our Hard Left Turn

When businesses decide to shift course, they strategically call it a "pivot" which is usually code for "we f'd something up and need to go in a different direction". Which is cool. Totally fine.

But what's the word when you need to shift course due to a widespread virus beyond your control? We'll just call it a hard f'n left turn. A real hard one.

Our hard left turn has been closing our doors on our main source of revenue and trying to recreate the experience online. While our Type A personalities hate rushing this process mostly for aesthetic reasons, it's a work in progress and we need to be good with the For Now (read the story behind our name HERE at the bottom of the page) - because the fact of the matter is is we still have amazing brands and products that we want to promote despite errrrrverything going on.

So we're going to do just that.

Stay safe and healthy!

-Kaity + Katharine

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